Thursday, July 14, 2011


There are 150 dogs outside my front door. They're not all mine of course but for this summer I am responsible overall for their well-being. We're a crew of 13 humans and so the dogs get plenty of love and attention. It follows that I spend a lot of time thinking about dogs - those I have and those who've gone on before me. And I realize how fortunate I am.

It's fun too, to see our dogs through the eyes of the tourists who come to visit us. I am proud of our sometimes motley canine crew.

Here's Mouse:

Mouse is one of our smallest sled dogs. She had a rough start in life at the hands of a callous individual who thankfully is no longer allowed to own dogs. She's a mighty 28 lbs but her heart and drive is as big as any of our other dogs. Her favorite nickname is crazy eyes to which she'll demonstrate a full on body wiggle.

Sasha is another of our unique kennel residents. Your guess is as good as mine as to what breed she actually is but she sure loves to pull. Remember the song "One of these things just doesn't belong here?" That's what runs through my head when I see her in a 16-dog team. She's a people pleaser though and is probably one of the most photographed "sled dogs" wherever she goes. Here she is:

See what I mean?

Sasha's nemesis is Solo, a female Malamute. She is what people expect a sled dog to look like. Big. Furry. This is Solo with her summer musher Naomi.

Not exactly the Hollywood image of a bad-natured sled dog is she? Her temperament is sweet, reminds me a great deal of the cartoon character Baby Huey.

Solo's new boyfriend is Glacier. I'm hoping that in a short time they will make beautiful music, and puppies together. Here's Glacier and Naomi.

Then there's puppies. A litter was born three weeks ago. Not our puppies - had to say that so my husband won't panic! I am always amazed by pups. I can watch them for hours. Here's one just a few hours old:

Want to see some puppy toes? All pink and with tiny, little toenails. And for some reason puppy feet always smell like popcorn.

And that is the perfect spot to finish this latest post.

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Mary said...

You posted this 2 days after we visited. It brings back excellent memories of the dogs and their 2 legged companions.
Hugs and ear scratches to all!